Watch :: Action Bronson’s “Fuck, That’s Delicious” – Episode 1

The long awaited, and much anticipated, show dealing with the often rapped about dining habits of our favorite rapper, Action Bronson, is finally upon us. In the premier episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious, we hear from our host about what he has been up to while on tour earlier this year. This naturally involves a combination of swan diving off yachts while at least three types of meat are being prepared, finding South Africa’s best mixed grill, and taking us to his favorite ice cream parlor in Queens, New York. – Munchies

This will be the greatest show to ever hit the internets.

If you are anything like me, whenever you watch a show like this, you always want to know as much information about the places as you can and you google them immediately to see if you need to stop by the next time you are in that town. I don’t know the next time I will be in South Africa (aka the first time I will be in South Africa) but I will be in New York at the end of this month so I thinks I may need to spend some time in the BK to see what Bronsolino is talmbout.

ROBERTA’s PIZZA – 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

robertas brooklyn

Four stars on YELP. Vegetarian friendly, pizzas, pasta’s, they have a pizza pie called “The Beastmaster” over 400 pics on YELP almost 12k friends on the Facebook, which means people want to see whats up. Looks good!

mzolis south africa

MZOLI’s – Ny 115, Cape Town 7751, South Africa

This spot, has its own Wiki page:

Mzoli’s (also known as Mzoli’s Place, Mzoli’s Meat, or Mzoli’s Butchery) is a butchery in Gugulethu, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. Since Mzoli’s opened in early 2003, the restaurant has become a popular gathering spot for Cape Town residents and a tourist attraction.

Four stars all over the place on the internets. Pics. Looks like a winner.

eddies sweet shop

Eddie’s Sweet Shop – 105-29 Metropolitan Ave #1, Flushing, NY 11375

Four and a half stars on YELP. Hundreds of pics. Almost 10k likes on the Facebook. I’m not a huge dessert guy, but I will indulge every once in a while and that fresh made whipped cream seems like its something I need in my life at some point.