Watch :: “A Riehl Blacksmith”

Sam Riehl (17), is the youngest professionally operating blacksmith in the state of Louisiana. Sam breathes new life into an old profession, infusing form and function through metal arts.

A Riehl Blacksmith is by 18 year old director Brennan Robideaux (@b_robideaux) out of the “Louisiana area.” The more and more I get familiar with where a lot of the best television production is coming from these days and befriending people in New Orleans, the more and more I beginning to see that there is a lot of talent in NOLA.

About the video, I’m loving it. For some reason, I’m a city kid, born and raised in sunny Southern California, but I find myself drawn to smaller cities in the US and real people doing real jobs. Something like being a blacksmith is so far off the radar that I would never even think of that as a career, but it looks dope, and there is definitely something romantic when you see guys like this doing their thing or a person like my guy the “OIL MAN” Jim Rodger from Kilgore, Texas.

Oh, and I want a colleague that rocks a pipe to work.

A Riehl Blacksmith 2