Watch :: 2 Chaaaaaiiinz Make Crabcakes and Mango Salsa on “The Chew”

2 Chainz latest album, B.O.A.T.S. 2 : (Me Time), comes with a cookbook. He is doing the press round, talking about the music, and talking about the cookbook. The shit is genius. I just wish the album was a little bit better. There are some solid tracks on there, but it just doesnt move me like his old stuff does. Here is the thing. I like 2 Chainz. I like him a lot. I like his whole swag vibe. But I dont know if he is an artist that is meant for the big time, for a long time. But he’s not a one hit wonder dude either. I just hope he is making as much bread as possible right now, because the reality is that people arent going to be checking for him in a couple of years like they are now. He will still sell out shows in select markets, but he shouldnt be this big of a star*

2 chainz crab cakes

* I remember when this really attractive music chick that I really respect in the industry. She’s young. But she still knows what she is talking about. I remember when her and I first had a conversation about Titty Boy, and the thing she said to me (not exxageratting at all) was this, “The first time I heard 2 Chainz rap, it changed my life.”

He’s good, but he aint that.

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