Warch :: “ALONE TOGETHER” a Short FIlm

Alone Together from Alone Together on Vimeo.

Created by Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo | Directed by Jacob Pinger | Edited by Eric Medina | Anne Palmer Production Coordinator | Original Score by Mike Wells

I watched this earlier today and its hilarious. Like, laugh out loud funny.

It’s all based on a glorious weekend of doing a juice cleanse in Malibu. That’s just the setup… it gets really good.

Esther Povitsky @littleesther : Benji Aflalo @benjiaflalo

Go to Little Esthers twitter, that’s how I found this, this a pretty funny chick… I might have to check her twitter more often and see when she is performing around town.

Before you get your google on, the random girlfriends name is Angela Trimbur. She’s a comedian as well. here’s her twitter, @angelatrimbur

By the way, if you check out Esther’s brand (and her Esther with Hot Chicks), she’s very self-deprecating and seems to not think she is an attractive chick. While I’ll give her that she’s not a supermodel level “hotness”, I must disagree, she’s a cutie. I wonder if she really feels that way.

Anyways, check out her content all over the internets, she’s really funny.