Vince Wilfork and Kingsford Know Ribs #StandWithRIbs

Is there any food more truly American than BBQ ribs? We’ve started a petition to make ribs our national food. Join us and Vince Wilfork and sign the petition to give BBQ ribs the honor it deserves. – KINGSFORD

Other than Eric Dickerson and Neon Deion Sanders, Vince Wilfork is my favorite American Football player, hands down. No one played with more passion, more grit, more knowhow and more get it doneness than Big Vince.

Then, his wife posted a video on the instagram machine a few years back with Vince cooking up that good while listening to Lil Troy and he’s been my guy every since.

Someone in the marketing department at Kingsford is on the job and decided to throw Vince some bread and stuck a camera in his face and made internet gold.

I stand with Vince, I stand with Kingsford, I stand with Ribs.

Here’s a throwback to the video that started it all

Vince knows ribs!

FYI, this is legit. There is an official White House petition for this.

Sign here: STAND WITH RIBS…Because America Deserves a National Food | White House Petitions.