Video :: Venus Williams is a Raw Vegan

“Changing my diet has made a big difference.”

Great interview with Compton’s own and tennis superstar Venus Williams on CBS This Morning, talking about a myriad of things and speaking on the benefits of being a raw vegan. It begins with her talking tennis and her career, and then addresses her health, and mentioned something that I didnt know… that she suffers from Sjogren’s syndrome – an autoimmune disease which leaves her feeling fatigued and makes her joints ache.

As a result of being diagnosed, Williams said in order to improve and recover from it, she’s become a raw vegan.

“I’m not perfect, so I forgive myself when I make mistakes and I do a lot of juicing as well, a lot of wheat grass shots…lots of fresh juices and things like that.”

* By the way, is it me or has Venus started looking reeeeeally good lately? I was never a huge fan, but she has gotten better and better with age.