Video :: Some Dutch Dude Gives Up Sugar and Alcohol for A Month

Sacha Harland attempts to give up sugar, alcohol, artificial additives and unhealthy food for one month.

* These experiments are always interesting to me because on one hand, its super convincing because once you give up sugar and alcohol, you undoubtedly have better physical numbers and feel better…. but whenever someone does these experiments, its done AND they eat a lot healthier than they normally do and drink tons of water.

This begs the question, if you just ate healthier and drank a lot of water, would the same things happen?

It also begs the question, and this is probably the point of the video / study, is that you really can’t eat anything today without running in to any kind of sugar.

That’s the bigger question, why is there sugar in everything? What are the alternatives to it? Did food taste dramatically different before there was this mass consumption of preserved goods that are laden with chemicals and sugar?

The most interesting thing is the side effects. The withdrawal stuff. The way that detoxing from this stuff changes your mood and how you carry yourself. Stuff you put in your body shouldn’t be addicting, right? You shouldnt have side effects of something if you chill out on it, unless you want to have those kinds of side effects.

Good video though.