Video :: Organic Farming in CUBA via PBS NewsHour

I, like a lot of Americans, is lowkey obsessed with Cuba.

With the easing of relations between the United States and Cuba, there has been a ton of renewed interest of what is going on down there and what life is really like in an area that has been very guarded in regard to what Americans have seen of it.

I’ve had friends (educators) that have gone down and spoken glowingly about the country and hopefully I will get a chance to go down there before there is a TGI Friday’s franchise and Starbucks on every corner.

Here, PBS goes down and does a nice piece on organic farming in Cuba, how it came to be, and the dangers of opening up American interests down there.

Many people in America are proponents of the organic food movement, and worried about the potentially harmful effects of pesticides on their health or the environment. In Cuba, farmers have gone organic for a very different reason – they had to. In this final instalment of our series “The Cuban Evolution” Jeffrey Brown looks at food and farming.

Uhm, what is this foodie tourism situation and how do I get on the next thing smoking to Cuba?

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