Video :: NBA’er BEN GORDON is going VEGAN

I like to eat based on what makes my body feel good, and this is making my body feel good. And, I’ve been successful on the court. I felt like I’ve been moving faster. I felt like my core strength has improved. I just feel a lot better.

Benjamin Ashenafi “Ben” Gordon pro basketball player for the Orlando Magic in National Basketball Association. Originally from London, England and of Jamaican decent, he has played professionally for over a decade.

He’s had a pretty successful career by most standards, made a ton of jack, he’s well in to his pensionable years, made the all-rookie team, was voted 6th man-of-the-year but he recently converted to veganism to extend his career even more.

This is something that we are seeing more and more of. After you check out this video and read the post, check down in the other links because I’ve posted about plenty of high level athletes in the past that have gone the vegan route and maintained their high level of performance.

Check out this sweet video profile done by VICE Sports on his vegan lifestyle.

At 32, Ben Gordon is ancient in NBA years. Athletes are always looking for ways to keep their bodies from succumbing to old age, and a vegan diet is Gordon’s latest venture.

If it’s not organic, then why do it?

You saw in the video that he is legit about his namaste and yoga life … if you check out the Ben Gordon facebook page, you see that he has been up to it for a while. Plenty of holistic videos and here is a quick jawn of him getting his salamba sirsasana on:

Posted by Ben Gordon on Sunday, June 21, 2015

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