Video :: LOW LIFE Future ft. The Weeknd

So this video dropped today. The song is from Future Hendrix’s latest tape EVOL and its right where it needs to be right now.

Let me tell you about myself and the relationship I have with these cats. Whenever I hear the Weeknd and his music, I feel like getting faded… I don’t do the drug game like he does, but I can drink with the best of em. Whenever I hear music from Future, I want to go to the skrip club.

Now, let me tell you about my day.

There has been this shorty that I been trying to lay with for a while, and we’ve had a cool situation going – nothing major, just going out and getting to know each other recently – I had the perfect night planned tonight. Dave Chappelle tickets for a show at 6, steak dinner at one of those places in LA, and then heading to SoHo House on a hook up from the plug after dinner for drinks and views.

I’ve been a little bit skressed because baby doll has been claiming a sore throat for the last 24-36 hours, and today as of early this afternoon, has come down with strep throat.

I want to say its legit (and I truly believe it is – she sent me some savage snaps to prove) but that doesn’t work with my narrative right now. Let’s not even get into how she got strep throat…. but that’s another conversation for another day.

And then I see this video.

And then I hear Future talking about Follies, and then I hear The Weeknd talking about what the Weeknd talks about and I’m kind of in my feelings right now.

All of this is not a good mix when I’m feeling some type of way.

I will probably be getting drunk, and then getting in an Uber, and then making some really bad decisions tonight…. or I will just get drunk and be pissed as hell at my apartment because the USMNT loses and the Lakers lose, and I will have taken a whole bunch of L’s today.

That’s all.

Video is dope though.