Video :: ‘Hudler Michelle Jenneke x WSHH’ aka I NEED to go to Australia

World Star Hip Hop meets world famous hudler Michelle Jenneke in Australia

Michelle Jenneke is now world famous because of her world famous race warm up dance that set the internets on fire a couple of summers ago. Can’t be mad at Q for bringing the team down to Australia and getting her on one of their world famous videos.

This brings up a situation for me. I’ve been sleeping on Australia too long. I knew about it, but I didn’t KNOW about it. From Sophie Monk. To Sophie Turner. To Miranda Kerr. To Iggy Azalea (PU$$Y Iggy, not new Iggy). To this right here. To everything I have ever heard about guys that “look like me” getting A LOT of love whenever we are down in Australia, I think I needs to gets down there.

I threw something out there randomly today and one of my guys who has been down there hit me with the quickness, he’s in. I guess the best time to go is at the end of the year, which is perfect, because it seems like a hella expensive place so I can save up these geeters… and if its anything like I’ve been told, I’m going to need these months to get my Morris Chestnut on. I’m going. Period. Come hell or high water.

By the way, that BULLET TRAIN song that is playing is right where it needs to be. That is definitely going on the workout soundtrack. Get it on the free.99 download; all you have to do is throw the boy Stephen Swartz a like on his Facebook page and you can download his work.

Michelle Jenneke worldstar 1

** Side note **

This, is a woman.

I guess I get the thigh gap thing, kind of, on some level, at least visually. And I guess I get the video vixen butt implant thing, kind of, on some level, at least visually.

But this, is a woman, and this is what you want to lay with.

She’s not skinny, but she’s also not super thick. And its natural and fit. Thats why athlete girls are the best. Basketball players, soccer players, track and field (be specific), runners, volleyball. Stick with the winners.