Video :: How A Suit Should Fit

I’m more of a jacket, shirt and a nice pair of jeans type of guy, but I’m also getting into the feel of wearing a nice suit. I have a couple… but I’m also a bigger guy so even though I look fly as hell, I dont look right in a suit. Maybe thats why I don’t wear them enough. But I will next year when I’m as fit as a male model. And this is good stuff.

“Antonio” from the Real Men Real Style dot com wrote a piece on his site and for the Art of Manliness and it gives you all the hitting point from when you want to drop some bread on a suit. This is the stuff that you need to look at, is because when you spend the kind of money that a good suit costs, you want to get it right.

Buying a suit is a good thing too. My dad once told me a long time ago that you want to buy a couple of suits when you are pretty fit, and then make sure that you fit into those suits for the rest of your life. My pops, I would argue, in his lifetime has probably spent over a quarter of a mil on suits, so for him, thats a pretty damn good idea. He’s kept it up, so Im going to guess that there is a lot of validity to it. I’m gonna start buying suits and I’m going to fit into them all the time. For now, this is a good piece from Antonio and heres the whole. damb. thing. in a visual….

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