Video :: Houshi Ryokan has been Around For Almost 1,300 Years aka I want to go here

Houshi Ryokan was founded in 718. It is one of the oldest family businesses in the world; 46 generations have managed the ryokan in its 1,300 years. Filmmaker Fritz Schumann profiles the current caretakers, Zengoro and Chizuko Houshi, as they struggle to determine the ryokan’s future after the death of their only son. Their daughter, Hisae, helps with the family business—and has reluctantly gone along with her parents’ attempts to arrange suitors—but admits that she’s dreamt of other careers. “It is a heavy burden on my mind,” she says.

I really want to go to this place.

Crazy situation going on with that fam by the way. I’d be down to marry the daughter but I have a pretty good feeling that I would not be accepted into the Houshi Ryokan any sooner than some bum off the street would be.

Houshi Ryokan 3

I’m trying to get my head wrapped around the numerical system here. I think I get it, but I don’t know if I am right about it.

Houshi Ryokan 2