Video :: Decluttering your home office (and my life)

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Randomly, I came in last night from a thing, and I noticed that my desk was looking a little bit crazy. I didnt get home until really late so I thought nothing of it. Couldn’t care less plus I was tired as shit. Then this morning, I looked again and noticed how many damn pieces of paper are on my desk and I thought to myself, ‘you know what, I should scan all of the junk and just file them as .PDFs on my computer. But then, I realized I dont have a scanner/printer… then I realized that if I go to get one, I’m not going to have anywhere to put it unless I decide to put it on the ground. And thats a bad idea, so I decided to do what we do… I hit the internets to see how to get my de-clutter on.

Tracy McCubbin is a professional declutterer — someone who can take your life and home from a big basket of everything, to bastion of efficiency. This week, if she can find it under all the piles, she takes on the challenge of Sally Horchow’s office.

But, here is the other thing: While I started this site to be about eating and becoming informed, and it has merged into discovering recipes and motivations and workouts and all kinds of randomness that enters my mind, I’ve also started to get a declutterization (if you will) of my life on as well. I think this office situation is sort of a microcosm for what my life is like. Case in point, I’ve begun to clear out my apartment of a lot of clutter. Old books, CDs, DVDs, and all kinds of other shit like that and I’ve made some pretty good headway. I’ve moved boxes of stuff. I’ve donated a ton of clothes. I’ve stopped buying things that don’t make sense and take up space even to the point of grocery shopping differently so that I dont have a ton of stuff in my cabinets and fridge.

In that, its funny to me, because I’ve done a lot of things to get healthier and declutter myself physically, but I never saw some of the obvious things like clearing my head out and getting that space right. We are in our thoughts the most right. Our head is the FIRST thing that needs to be sorted before any of the other shit starts to fall in place assuming that once all the other stuff if fine, our head and mind and spirit will be taken care of. All kinds of shit gets thrown on your plate on the reg, and you always address it and just file it away as more of what you need to figure out.

Thats my desk, right now, or at least an hour ago in the picture above before I got around to decluttering.

Thats funny because I’ve done all this other stuff to get done first should probably be done after you get you mind right. I equate it to the desk. I spend the most time in my office, in front of my computer, and I’ve been worried about getting everything else sorted first, when I probably should have done the desk shit first. I get new mail for various reasons every day and I accumulate more and more shit that I just file away and tell myself that I will deal with it later. A couple of weeks go by and you have a backlog of envelopes and shit that you need to do and your desk looks like shit.

But, better late than never I suppose. Today, I cleaned it up. I got it together. Lets see if working on this site and using it to get my head together helps out with everything else.