Video :: BTS of A NAKED SUSHI Dinner in Las Vegas

Going out for sushi usually means eating slices of fish off a pristine counter, but that’s not the case with nyotaimori. Also known as “body sushi,” the practice involves dining off a nude model with rolls and sashimi artfully placed on her body. We stopped by Geisha House Steak & Sushi in Las Vegas to check out the full experience. – ZAGAT

naked sushi

I’ve alllllways been curious of something like this. Not necessarily that I’d want to do it, for one because the name of it is misleading… it should be called lingerie sushi, but I digress. It actually looks like some fun, but is probably wildly overpriced. I wonder if the sushi is any good. I wonder if I would constantly just sit there and make jokes trying to get the girl to laugh her ass off and spill all the food all over the place. I’d probably do this for the ig at least. Definitely something to do with the homies just to say you did it.