“Vegan Vine” :: John Salley is a Vegan and makes wine….

The Vegan Vine Wines is pleased to announce a new partnership with former NBA champion, talk-show host and heath/wellness activist John Salley. Mr. Salley has taken an ownership position in the brand with the goal to educate the vegan and wine drinking community about animal products that are often used in the production of wines.

You know….. John Salley reminds me of my uncle Brian. Not figuratively either, I mean like, literally. My uncle kind of favors him a little bit aka he’s a tall broth with a bald head that hooped in college. And my uncle is cool as hell.

My uncle is the kind of guy that you want to hang out with on the reg and Sal is definitely one of those kind of guys that seems like you want to hang around with on the reg.

He’s like a party all the time and wherever he is, the ladies shall be, and thats never a bad thing. Allegedly, the NBA hasn’t see a party like a Sal party ever since John hung up the sneakers for good.

Honestly speaking, the fact that Sally is so cool, is one of the reasons that I started looking into this whole healthier eating thing in the first place. He is (was) a world class athlete and I’m sure he enjoyed the finer things in life, but has maintained a vegan lifestyle for a couple of years now (6 years per Sally) and he seems to be doing fine. I have even heard a few interviews that he has done recently, and he feels that he is in better physical condition now, than when he played ball. I’m sure he still put in time at the gym, but there is no way that he is working out like he used to, but he feels better, so putting two and two together, a relatively intelligent person would have to think that lifestyle is what has him where he is.

For a little bit of background on all of this relating to IME is that I happen to know some of Sals people. We have some mutual friends and I know some people that he’s done business with in the past, and everyone tells me that this vegan thing is no joke at all. He is legit with it. He even hipped my boy Ray to some vegan restaurants and recipes and its done Ray a ton of good.

One of the things Mr. John Salley said the other day that really hit home to me in particular was this… he was recalling a story of a conversation he had with a random person, and the lady was telling him how much she loved eating meat, or “flesh” as Sal likes to say, and how good it tasted. (Which has always been my issue) Sal blankly said this, “If you love it so much, try it raw with no seasoning, and then tell me how good it is.”

I was like, damn. From then on, I pretty much decided I’m going to be a pescetarian from now on… I think the one thing that always hurt my people and folks that think about changing to this lifestyle but are hesitant to do so, is that we don’t have a lot of people that look like us, or act like us doing it. Someone like a John Salley helps with that.

Check out his website (www.johnsalley.com), check out this Vegan Vine (I’m about to order a case) and follow Sal on instagram.

Dude has a movement going and I’m liking what he is all about.

* I also just found out that Salley has a podcast too : Go to the John Salley Show on iTunes, its FREE.99!

john salley podcast

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