VEGAN Beer and Food Festival Announces 2016 Dates

Vegan Beer and Food Festival features the best of the region’s craft beer, ciders, cold brew, and kombucha. We curate the top vegan food carts, trucks, vendors and restaurants. Our Vegan “Pop Up” Marketplace showcases vendors selling everything from clothing to ceramics to craft goods. And of course, great live music from some of the best talent around.

So, back-to-back weekends in June. June 11th, in PDX and June 18th in Pasadena.

last year, I went to the Pasadena date on a whim, a friend of mine in the entertainment industry had gotten an invite from a promoter of the event and had an extra ticket so I went along for the food and fun. Turns out, it was one of the best afternoons I’d spent in California last year.

Unluckily, we didn’t get a chance to hang out for the music and fun and festival part as we had some other things to do later that afternoon industry related, but we definitely got a chance to have some of the beers and some of the food. The beer, was top notch. It is actually where I first got hip to HOUSE Beer, which is fastly becoming my favorite chill beer to drink on the regular, so it was good for that, at least. The “you may also like” at the bottom of the page will have my recap from last year, so check that out.

If it’s not down there, here is the link:

BMW’s, Beers and Bros : LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest – IME

My only question this year may be, do I go to the one in Portland too?!?