US WNT’er and Olympian Sydney Leroux is a Beautiful Vegetarian

sydney leroux vegetarian

Sydney Rae Leroux is the Canadian-born American professional soccer player who has carved out a nice role with the United States Womens National Team, and the Boston Breakers of the NWSL. Formerly a UCLA Bruin, and currently a ball of energy with the WNT, Sydney has been on my radar for quite some time now.

I just happened to see her twitter post today and decided to give her a Beautiful Veg shout out, because she is NO DOUBT beautiful… and being a vegetarian is only making me like her more. In doing a little bit of research after seeing this tweet, the 7 month hiatus of being vegetarian is more than excusable, because she was a vegetarian for years… and because she looks like she does pictured below.

Whatever the hell she is doing, keep it up!

sydney leroux 1

sydney leroux 2

sydney leroux 3

sydney leroux 4

sydney leroux 5

Images via Sydney Leroux on Instagram

Here is video of her previewing her ESPN “The Body” Issue.