Under Armour and Tom Brady Slanging “RECOVERY SLEEPWEAR”

World Champion Quarterback Tom Brady has built his career on excellence. One of the most critical pieces to sustaining his peak performance has been sleep. That’s why we created UA Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, featuring TB12 Recovery Technology, a soft bioceramic material inside the sleepwear that helps your body recover better. – UA

Could this work?

Am I willing to spend 2 racks on a henly and some sweatpants to sleep like Tom Brady?

It is described as insanely soft modal cotton that “reflects Far Infrared, which helps your body recover faster, promote better sleep, reduce inflammation & regulate cell metabolism”

That seems like a stretch but who knows. Tom Brady is 40 years old and the best quarterback that we’ve ever seen so there might be some merit to his system.

One could argue that in whole everything Tom Brady does from the crazy eating regimen* to the sleeping and working out and recovery process he uses can definitely improve you as an athlete and human and performance but that shxt can get hella pricey.

I’m interested.

If you want a ton more information, head to Under Armour Sleep System for more information and some good techniques to get a better sleep.

* It’s not crazy at all, but you just need crazy discipline.