Trying IMPOSSIBLE BURGER that I Can’t Get at Grocery Stores, Again

This isn’t the first time that I’ve had the Impossible Burger, or the second. It’s not even the third time that I’ve had the IB, but its the first time that I’ve taken the time to write something about it.

To be honest, I don’t have a ton to add that hasn’t already been written about and I kind of just wanted to get these pics up!

But, I can add this… I had this IB at one of the Umami locations here in the Los Angeles area, and the cool thing about this restaurant, they only offered it in double meat/double chee. I’m assuming it was a slight nod to SoCal and the double-double from In-N-Out, but it worked incredibly.

The only fault that I would give it, and this was the restaurants misstep, is that they served it with real american chee slices….which definitely does against the whole idea (for me at least) of why one is going to enjoy the Impossible Burger. Most people won’t be having a lot of vegan meals, especially vegan burgers, so its kind of doing a disservice if you don’t go all the way when sampling it. Especially here in LA, the valley in particular, because Follow Your Heart is in the 818. If you need a vegan chee, you know where to find it, its not difficult.

As far as what Impossible Foods is doing with the Impossible Burger, I’m still confused on the rollout of theirs and feel that they really are putting way too much into the whole make it cool look, rather than getting it into the hands of the people…and I’ll tell you why.

I love the burger, but I’ve probably eaten the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger 10 to 15 times more than I’ve eaten the Impossible Burger. You know why??? Its easy, because I can buy it at the grocery store.

The fact that I can’t get it in-store has been an issue of mine for a while because let’s be honest, even though I like the BM burger a lil better than I like the IB, I just can’t keep dropping a twenty piece every time I want to have a non dead animal burger….so why is it NOT in stores?

Well, that is pretty simple actually, what makes it meat like and “bleed” is a thing called compound called heme and the FDA isn’t so sure that they are cool with heme being ok for customer consumption because enough tests havent been done yet.

I will go ahead and let you good what heme actually is, but BM is in stores because they don’t use heme. Simple.

Now, do I think that the IB will be in stores at some point? Absolutely…there is just way too much money behind this, and Impossible Foods in general, for it not to be. If it was up to them, they would be in stores 100 mph already, but there are a lot of lobbyists and people in certain industries that don’t want products like these available in the streets.

Look at what they have done and continue to do to the Hampton Creek folks…. its up to us to keep making noise, because even though there is a lot of money behind it, things wont change in our lifetime unless the people who we elect are held accountable while they are in there in office.

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