Try out the Tofu Sofritas CHIPOTLE : Get free CHIPOTLE : Ok.

chipotle sofritas

Order our organic tofu Sofritas on Monday, January 26th at any Chipotle in the US or Canada, then bring your receipt back on your next visit—from January 27th through February 28th, 2015—for a FREE burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos of your choice.

I don’t think deciding what I’m eating on a Monday has ever been so easy. This is lowkey genius by the way… as you are basically getting people to eat your food for two or three straight days. Any business knows that the most important thing you have, is the people walking through door. Any restaurant knows that the real money you make is in the extras, like drinks.

I am curious though, how they will be getting feedback on how the food actually tastes though and if people like it. They will order it because they are getting something else for free.99, but will they be asking for a survey? Will they be walking around the Chip asking questions? There has to be more. Honestly, I think Chipotle has a reputation and enough good will in the bank where they could ask for honest feedback on their website or something like that and I’m sure its in the plans with this whole thing.

All I know is, I will be hitting two Chipotles, to get two receipts, so that I will have Chipotle on monday, tuesday and wednesday.

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