Trailer :: “YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY” from Showtime

YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY is a groundbreaking SHOWTIME® documentary event series exploring the human impact of climate change. This innovative docu-series is a collaboration between some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and leading national news journalists, who will provide reports of people affected by, and seeking solutions to, climate change.

The series will be made up of eight one-hour segments and is set to air in 2014 on SHOWTIME

years of living dangerously

The 8 episodes will feature celebrity correspondents, who interview experts and ordinary people affected by global warming:

Those celebrities include Harrison Ford who visits Indonesia to learn about deforestation and the struggle to prevent it; Matt Damon who explores the public health issues raised by heat waves; Jessica Alba who reports on how Climate Corps fellows work to make the corporate sector more environmentally friendly; My guy Don Cheadle reports on the severe droughts in the Southwest United States; America Ferrera reports on the political obstacles to the growth of wind and solar power;

Arnold Schwarzenegger accompanies a team of elite firefighters in Western U.S. forests as they face the destructive fire season; Lesley Stahl visits Greenland to view the effect of rising temperatures melting the arctic ice sheet; Mark Bittman investigates rising sea levels and the environmental impact of producing natural gas; Ian Somerhalder follows the daughter of Evangelical preacher Rick Joyner, as she tries to persuade congregations and preachers in North Carolina (including her father) to join the fight against global warming;

The beautiful Olivia Munn follows the new governor of Washington State, who is making the fight against global warming a top priority; and Michael C. Hall travels to Bangladesh to see how climate change will impact the rest of the world in the coming decades;