Trailer :: Under Armour x Gisele Bündchen

Under Armour signed Gisele Bündchen to a multi year deal according to ESPN. Under Armour also dropped this trailer on the internets today. She is the new female face of UA. Whatever they have in store for us, we will begin to see, starting in a couple of days, September 4.

gisele x under armour

Whatever it is… it shall be good. And probably for a lot of bread. Because if there is one thing that these two know, other than what they do as their primary gig, is make paper. More power to them though. get paid for for looking good and doing the hell out of your job. You gotta respect it.

And, for what its worth, Gisele may not necessarily be an athlete in the traditional sense of organized sport, but hell, the woman has birthed childrens and is still in super model shape. Maybe its the genes. Maybe its the jeans. But, whatever it is, she knows how to get back to her fighting weight. Seems as good as anyone.

Plus, they have other traditional female athletes heading up the campaign as well, Misty Copeland, the incredibly athletic ballet dancer, skier Lindsey Vonn, soccer player Kelley O’Hara and tennis player Sloane Stephens.

They gotta have someone represent the brand that just represents the brand aye? Plenty of people in workout clothes who just look good in work out clothes. I say its a win-win all around.