Trailer :: “THE FOUNDER” aka the Story of McDonalds

Written by Robert Siegel (BIG FAN), THE FOUNDER is a drama that tells the true story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was impressed by the brothers’ speedy system of making the food and saw franchise potential. He maneuvered himself into a position to be able to pull the company from the brothers and create a billion-dollar empire. – The Weinstein Company

This, looks really interesting.

It will be interesting to see how the movie plays this out, because as we know, movies need to do movie things and make it very dramatical…. but knowing some of this story, I think they will really have to play up the tension between the brothers and Kroc.

Although I am sure there was definitely some disagreements, as I’ve known this all, the trailer lowkey makes it seem like he was a shady individual and schemed his way into stealing the company, but there was just a disagreement on what this could be. The brothers wanted to stay relatively small and Kroc wanted to be massive. I get both sides of it.

Brings up another discussion for me though, just on that theory, at some point when someone creates a business and has business partners, you imagine that everyone has the same general vision, right? Which is all fine and dandy when its small time or relatively successful… but what happens when it gets to the scale of those early McD’s stages? Where you are going to blow, or you are going to reeeeeally blow? At that point, is it your duty to be massive? Is it your duty to kind of take the reigns off and stop trying to hold it back, but do you just allow it to become what its going to be? Easy for us to look at this kind of thing and say, what the hell were the brothers thinking?

The way I know it, its not like they were dumb, obviously not, but they set out goals and achieved them far and beyond what they had ever hoped. And then, they sold it to someone who had a vision greater than what they could see OR maybe, just what they could see but didnt want to execute to. Very interesting.