Trailer :: “SRIRACHA” the movie + Is it time to stock up because of controversy?

“Sriracha,” the documentary—directed by Griffin Hammond—will share the fascinating origins of this beloved hot sauce with film festival audiences and online supporters; coming September 2013!

The Sriracha movie has a kickstarter campaign… Check it and get a ton of background on the project!!! I can’t wait for this movie to come out!

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Now, about the controversy!!!

Lets start this off by saying, other than maybe the lightbulb, the wheel, the internet, the bikini or the ATM card, Sriracha is the greatest invention all times. I use that shit on EVERYTHING!!!! So, you can understand my fear when what I am calling, ‘the most underreported story in the history of the world’ hit the world this week, where the CEO of Hoy Fong Foods aka Sriracha, is now in hot water because the city of Irwindale is having issues with the smell from his new $40 million dollar factory.

Hot water may be selling it short, because the city has lawyered up and the company may have to halt production at the plant, if the order is executed by the judge. Interestingly enough, this is the second plant that HFF has, they have been operating in a residential area in Rosemead, about 20 minutes away, for over 30 years.

Check out these two stories from CBS and LA Times:

Sriracha, a brand of hot sauce that recently opened a factory outside of Los Angeles, is being sued by the City of Irwindale because of the strong chili pepper odor that neighbors say is making them sick. Ben Tracy reports for CBS News

With all of that in mind, it may be time to stock up on the red gold!

I’ve instituted a plan that every other time I go to the grocery store, I will be buying a bottle of Srirachi.

How can you not support this guy?

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* By the way… 200,000 bottles a day? Dammit man!

Sriracha hot sauce price may jump if factory shuts down, CEO says – LA Times