Trailer :: “Journey to 3” from Dwyane Wade

Journey to 3 is a chance to relive the moments leading up to my winning a third NBA Championship.

Journey To 3 is now officially available for viewing on

* To be honest, I’ve never been a big Dwyane Wade fan (did you know his name is spelled Dwyane?), but I will say that this is a really good video and I enjoyed watching it. I don’t have anything against the dude personally, other than the fact that he broke Kobe’s nose on purpose in an All-Star game and wrecked Rajon Rondo’s arm (with another on purpose take down), but there is no denying that the kid can ball.

The reason why the trailer and the screen shots below are on here, is while watching the video, the one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind is just how hard this man works at his craft, and in turn, how hard most if not all professional athletes work at the game, their bodies, their craft, etc. We always marvel at some of the things these guys do, but temper it by saying, “Well, I would look like that or do some of those things too, if I hit the genetic lottery and got paid to work out everyday!”

* I actually do have something against him personally…. this Dwyane Wade : Making of a Fashion ICON video is terrible. *

But, when you think about it, its different. What we consider hard work, at the gym or around the local high school track, is what these dude do as a warm up. I’ve gotten the chance to know quite a few college athletes, a few of them who became professional athletes, and the one thing that I have always noticed about them is that hard work, or just work, to them, is taken to a whole other level that regular people don’t get to.

Sled work. HEAVY sled work….

dwyane wade journey to 3 1

The heavy rope workout while standing on a stability trainer.

dwyane wade journey to 3 2

Upside down crunch pull up…. are you kidding me bro!!!

dwyane wade journey to 3 3

This is where it really hit home with me, literally. We all hear the stories about how Mike never took time off and was training with Tim Grover at all hours of the night and how Kobe is notorious for only getting few hours of sleep per night and spending the balance of the day in some form of working out – we see Wade training, with his on-fall trainer, at his house. These guys go at it constantly. These guys eat, drink and sleep training. Its impressive. Especially when you think about how much other stuff these guys have to do and what they are responsible for.

Again, you don’t want to get too out of hand, because these guys did win the genetic lottery and they do get paid millions of dollars per year to baaaaasically stay in shape, but they still put in the work. All of them put in the work, but not all of them put in the work like this. We appreciate it and can learn something from that.

dwyane wade journey to 3 4

Whats up hot physical therapist….

dwyane wade journey to 3 5

Shouts out to this little chick in the back that was getting it in too!

dwyane wade journey to 3 6