Trailer :: Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang – Season 2 Can’t Wait!

In Fresh Off the Boat season two, Eddie takes you on a global excursion examining cities in transition.

Eddie Huang is my guy. Fresh Off The Boat, season one, made me a true believer in the ability of programming on youtube and the internet actually working. A show like FOTB, can probably live on TV, but its better suited for the internets. Its better suited to be in 10-15 minute clips with no commercials. When there are shows like this, I’m ok with a 30 second or a 15 second interstitial.

VICE channel, the I am Other channel, TASTED channel, The Reserve Channel and a few others show us that there is a proper viability of television on the internet and mobile devices. It works. It works really really well and these guys can get away with more than they would get away with on networks.

But, anyways, Eddie Huang is an Asian American restaurateur, food personality and former lawyer. He is the owner of Baohaus and he is everything you look for in the new school type of cat. He’s the hip hop version of Anthony Bourdain. He is what we would be if you had a little bit of bread and could do all of the culinary type of traveling that you want to do. I’m really excited for season 2, because season 1 had some things that literally changed my life.

Example, he had an episode where a chick used Sriracha on her Tecate…. Mind. Blown.

Season 2 looks like he is taking his brand to the next level and actually delvig a little deeper into the cultures that he is profiling and he has some incredible destinations on deck. From Detroit to Mongolia, shit is about to be epic. Looking forward to seeing what our guy can do.

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** If you want to watch Part 1 of episode one, head to VICE here **