Trailer :: “Food Heals” Documentary + Fundraising Gala Info

Food Heals is a feature-length documentary that follows several inspiring individuals including filmmaker Joe Cross, NBA Star John Salley, and TV/Radio host Kerri Kasem who have successfully seceded from Big Medicine’s billion-dollar necropolis of dead-end, debilitating treatments to heal themselves naturally of chronic, degenerative and terminal disease through a simple change in diet and lifestyle.

food heals

In this film, both ordinary working citizens and celebrities alike exchange harmful drugs, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy for the joys of holistic healing with juice-fasting, cleansing, yoga, Chinese medicine and many other non-toxic alternatives. It will take viewers through the story of patients with often terminal diseases completely reversing their disease through nutrition, juice fasting and detoxing their body.

* I came across this trailer from the FACEBOOK, a sponsored ad for the Food Heals Fundraising Gala that is being held here in my city in a couple of weeks. The film isnt all the way done, post production, distribution, etc. and they need help getting it finished up for release. I know that I want to see the documentary and I think that I might throw down and hit up the gala if I can free up the time. After checking the documentary, you see a lot of familiar faces and familiar stories, but I think that its awesome to get them all in one place at one time to tell their stories.

If you want more info on the Gala, head here to the Food Heals Fundraising Gala webpage, and for more info on the film, go here to

* Obviously if you are here, and you check around a little bit, you see that I am on my journey to living this life. Joe Cross was actually the first cat that even got me thinking this way, and then when I found out that my guy John Salley was all about this life, I started looking into it forreals. I’ve head interviews where he has said that he is in better shape now than when he played in the league. Thats saying something to me.

I’ll tell you one thing, that soup that I made last night, has given me a whole new perspective. So simple, so few ingredients and it literally is one of the best tasting things that I have ever made. And I felt good after I ate it. And I feel good today. And I feel good over all.

ICYMI :: I made some spicy buttercup squash bisque type of thing : My Recipes