Trailer: Food Evolution

FOOD EVOLUTION is a rare, informative film about a complex technical topic that touches you emotionally. I find the content accurate and insightful.

This is a really interesting documentary…interesting because you can already see that it is not something that is beating down GMA’s. That’s been the narrative for years. But, is that the right narrative?

It looks like we are going to see someone explore that side.

I got hip to this one by listening to NDT’s Startalk Podcast (he happens to narrate the film) and I have to say that when some things are told to us by a scientist, that you trust, that GMO’s aren’t, in their technical intent, a bad thing. As always, he is looking at it and breaking it down to the facts of science. And, when you do that, the points make sense.

I’m going to see this. And, go into it with an open mind.