Trailer: “Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse”

Join the adventure as award-winning chef, restaurateur and best-selling author Emeril Lagasse embarks on a food-fueled global adventure with the world’s most celebrated chefs. From Cuba to South Korea, each episode pairs Emeril with a different culinary star to discover the history, tradition and techniques behind their favorite dishes. Featuring Mario Batali in China, José Andrés in Spain, Nancy Silverton in Italy, Aarón Sánchez in Cuba, Marcus Samuelsson in Sweden and Danny Bowien in Korea. – AMAZON

This is a great show.

I originally intended to just watch one last night but ended up watching 3, and plan on knocking out the final three this evening. The first three episodes are Emeril with Marcus Samuelsson in Sweden, Emeril with Mario Batali in China and Jose Andres in several cities in Spain.

All top notch chefs. All top notch cities. All top notch foods.

Great format too. I happen to watch a ton of cooking shows and food adventure shows for content and I like where they are going here. Its not quite Bourdainian in the way that he really gets into the community and the culture and the lifestyle of the place that he is going, but there is also more cooking in these shows that Bourdains.

Let’s face it, Bourdains shows are on a different planet than every other food show. It isn’t about cooking. He’s producing mini documentaries every time he’s out, and I LOVE THAT, but I’d also love more cooking from Anthony on his shows.

In this show, we see chefs chef. Every time. I like that.

It’s worth your time. Amazon Prime streaming. 6 episodes in series 1.