Trailer Alert :: “MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland”

In the latest edition of “MUNCHIES, Guide to….” they head to Scotland, where host Charlet Duboc leads us on an intoxicating, waist-expanding, eye-opening culinary journey around Scotland.

From lobster catching in the Hebrides to hunting roe deer in the clean, crystal clear air of the Highlands, Irn Bru pulled pork and Buckfast ice cream to making Arbroath Smokies or sampling the most heavily peated whiskey in the country straight from the distillery it was made in, Charlet’s is a food adventure that cuts through the mist of Scottish culinary stereotypes like a knife through (deep-fried) butter.

munchies in scotland

This series is awesome. If you haven’t subscribed to MUCHIES on youtube yet, take this as an intro to some of the wonderful things they are doing. The GUIDE TO series is incredible, this one in particular is 5 episodes long and makes me want to break the passport out asap. I’ve already got the urge because I need to go to the land of Scotch, but who knew they were killing it in the food game too. Some of the stuff looks super crazy, but the way she tells it, its some of the best food she’s ever eaten. Head over to the dot com or their youtube page and watch away, its awesome.