Trailer Alert :: “MMM Chapter 1” from Puff Daddy

#MMM Chapter 1

I didn’t come to this earth to die. I came here to live and be great!! Watch #MMM Chapter 1 NOW! Let's GO!! #PuffDaddyAndTheFamily

Posted by Diddy on Monday, November 2, 2015

Puff is one of the greatest motivational speakers ever.

I got hip to him as Puff, Imma call him Puff forever.

MMM stands for Money Makin’ Mitch.

Money Makin’ Mitch comes from a movie called Paid In Full.

If you haven’t seen PIF, stop what you are doing and do your googles.

If you have real skillz, you can probably find it on the youtube for free.99

Its a certified hood classic.

Puff calls his album coming in 2016 MMM.

Can’t wait.