Trailer Alert :: BLOODLINE season 2

You can’t escape the past. The Rayburns struggle to conceal an unthinkable crime and begin to unravel in the midst of mounting lies, betrayal, and paranoia. – NETFLIX

May 27, worldwide on Netflix

I’ve been rocking with Bloodline since it dropped on the Flix season one. And I’ll be honest, the only reason I went in was because of Coach Taylor and because I’d read somewhere that Linda Cardellini was going to be in the show and she is an absolute smoke. Actually, I think it was one of those alerts that the Flix posts after you watch a full season of a show and it had just come out that weekend.

I watched one show… and then two… and then I found myself pouring scotches at 3 and 4am as I finished another one. If anyone asks me for suggestions on something to watch on streaming, Bloodline is the first thing out of my mouth. And noone has come back and said that it was so-so. Its a great fxcking show. Dark af. But great.

Can’t wait until May 27!