Trailer Alert: Action Bronson’s “FUCK, THAT”S DELICIOUS” Show

“All I believe in is food and myself.” – AB

“Fuck, That’s Delicious,” is a new show from rapper Action Bronson.

Starting this May, the monthly series will capture Action’s culinary adventures on his ongoing world tour.

In episode one, Action reflects on his time during Eminem’s Rapture Tour—through New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa—at his favorite NYC haunts, like Roberta’s in Brooklyn and Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forrest Hills, Queens. is a VICE Property. I love VICE and I love Bronsolino. This is going to be incredible and nothing short of perfection. We’ve gotten internet clips of Bronson on the road, doing the foodie thing and we know that he was a chef back in the day.

He needed another show, and I’m glad VICE is the one to bring it to us. Can’t wait!

bronson f thats delicious

Side note…..

The moment when AB starts doing the butterfly with a double cup and a worked over rib bone, perfection.

bronson f thats delicious 2

* And yes, I spotted this video before it had 750 views. #jussayin