Tracee Ellis Ross Working Out and her Social Media is On Point

Getting my SWEAT on at @TracyAndersonMethod! #FitnessFriday

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First-things-first, I’ve been loving Tracee Ellis Ross ever since she came in life on Girlfriends. Shouts out to Kelsey Grammar for that.

No shouts out for me because I wasn’t following her on social media, we’ll get back to that later.

So a little while ago, I went on my IG to catch up and this was what was in my suggestions… that video playing right there is Ross and I clicked all on that one so fast I damn near broke my thumb.

Tracee Ross IG - 2

She immediately got a follow … and look at this, that’s some pretty good company to be in as a suggested follow. I definitely put TER in this category. With Chelle and Serena and Solange? Hells Yes!

Tracee Ross IG - 1

So I’m now following her all over the place. And I found her on snapchat. You need to find her on snapchat. And you need to watch t-murda on the youtubes.

I won’t even get in to how fine she is and how funny she is and how talented she is. She’s dope. I’m all in for Ross. I don’t know why someone hasn’t tried to wife her. If I see her in these streets I’m hollering. Straight up.