Throwback :: Wesley Snipes “Change the Sheets?” scene in MO’ BETTER BLUES

The scene gets really real around the 50s mark.

“One time I went around the city, maaan, and I searched for a box of 12 dozen, blue, Trojans, ribbed, with the receptacle end, lubricated with the garden-fresh scent.”

Giant: “Why bother?”

Shadow: “Why bother … well, I like her, Number 1. Number 2, she’s a mutha in bed. Number 3, the rest don’t matter…

Giant: “Three good reasons.”

* This is one of my favorite movie scenes ever. *

Mo’ Better is just a classic movie all the way around though.

Mo’ Better Blues is a 1990 drama film starring Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, and Spike Lee, who also directed. It follows a period in the life of a fictional jazz trumpeter, Bleek Gilliam (played by Washington), as a series of bad decisions result in his jeopardizing both his relationships and his playing career. The film focuses on themes of friendship, loyalty, honesty, cause-and-effect and ultimately salvation. It features the music of the Branford Marsalis quartet and Terence Blanchard on trumpet. The film was released five months after the death of Robin Harris and is dedicated to his memory. – Wikipedia

If havent seen this movie, you are gonna wanna put it in your queue for next up. Its spectacular. Spike Lee’s 5th film, made back in 1990, and it doesn’t get any more perfect than this from the mind of a bachelor out’chea in these streets, living the life and trying to figure out the work and love and homies and life thing.

Of course, its just a movie, but rarely do they capture an emotion like this where it feels like you know they dudes and its a possible situation, but also entertain you in a way that you know its a totally fictitious environment. I borderline might download this today (because I dont want to go into storage for the dvd) and watch the jawn this evening.