This Yoga Video Will Make You Want to Yoga … Or At Least Go to a Yoga Class

Eager to master the arm balance? Equinox’s Briohny Smyth shows there’s no limit to what the artfully honed yoga body can do. – Equinox

Lets get the obvious out of the way… this chick is hot and she is super fit and that outfit is on point.

Now, this may sound crazy, but I honestly had no idea that this is the kind of stuff that yoga folks did. After getting passed the obvious attractiveness of this young lady, and I appreciate yoga attire as much as the next man (see: FGIYP) but I’m flat out blown away by the strength and athleticism that this kind of exercise has to take. I mentioned that to a friend who posted this video on Facebook earlier and she did the equivalent of giving me some side eye and wrote, “Really? Yeah yoga is all about your core,balance,strength, flexibility and breathing.”

I guess when I actually think about it, that makes all the sense in the world. I guess as a guy, I look past the obvious health and fitness benefits of yoga because all I see is crazy booty and box gap. But once you get past the extremely sexual nature of the idea of yoga and those benefits, its obvious. But, I’ve never watched a yoga video. Or seen a yoga class in person. I just assumed that it was people sitting indian style and controlling their breathing.

I have a whole new respect for yoga, seriously. How she got into this position here is doooooope!

Yoga By Equinox 2

So, after watching the video twice, I actually read the ‘about’ section and there is another video there of her and her husband. His name is Dice by the way. But anyways, the good part about that video shows that there is room for dudes in yoga too. I could get into this… I’ve been threatening to do it for about 10 years now, and I think I need to go and peruse GROUPON to see if I can get a starter course over there?

As her viral video tops 4 million is over 6 million views and counting, yoga instructor Briohny Smyth returns to the mat for an intimate session with her husband, Dice Iida-Klein.

After watching these two videos, the obvious thing for me to do was look this chick up on the internets… ding ding ding, there is a TON of stuff out there on her, but I liked this interview she did in the Elephant Journal. This is how she got into the game:

Jeannie: Briohny, tell us how you came to yoga and what it has meant for you in your life?

Briohny: I found Yoga when I was 15 on a trip to India– Right smack in the middle of a 10-year battle with Bulimia and Anorexia came this shining light of hope.

The Yoga of my teens was predominantly a fusion of Iyengar and Flow mixed with meditation and Pranayama. Kirtans were a common activity for me and I immersed myself in whatever was available in the Yoga scene in Bangkok in the late 90’s…which wasn’t much at all. Despite my efforts to recover on my own, my eating disorder continued and I was hospitalized for an ulcer at 17 and put on bed rest. I realize now that I was way too young to understand the emotional damage that had occurred over the course of my teen years. I started to treat the disorder as a way of life…it almost killed me!! I finally found help within 12-step programs and began to attend AA meetings..(only because OA didn’t exist in Bangkok, Thailand…probably because Anorexia is so common that people don’t think of it as a disease).

When I identified with the fact that I had a disease, my mindset started to change. I slowly began to build new values within my belief system. I surrounded myself with supportive people who shared similar experiences. Day by day, minute-by-minute, I fed my mind with affirmations and started to heal. Over the course of the next 4 years I relapsed numerous times but mentally and emotionally started to grow. Yoga played a huge part in my slow recovery. Although I was still touring and recording, I practiced Yoga everyday. Instead of partying and waking up late, I ate well, slept, and woke up early to practice Asana for an hour and meditate. Through my Yoga practice I started to develop a clearer connection between my body and mind. I began to realize that the way I viewed myself was disconnected from reality: Total body Dysmorphia. Yoga allowed me to feel liberated and strong both inside and out, it gave me a healthy routine. As the asana started to re-build my damaged body, meditation calmed and cleared my mind, helping me connect with the present moment. Combined, asana & meditation gave me a new life.

Much much more on Briohny in the article and its a good read. Check it out here:

Briohny Smyth: The Full Story, Straight from the Yogini’s Mouth. –