This TWO WEEK TEMPORARY TAT Kickstarter Idea Looks Great

I could be down for this, all the way down for this.

Long story short, INKBOX are temporary tattoos that take about 12 hours to take hold, but stay on yah body for 2 weeks.

And they aren’t shitty tattoos, and they last waaay longer and are cleaner and something you won’t regret dropping a little piece of change on.

KICKSTARTER :: inkbox: The 2 Week Tattoo by inkbox ink inc.

Here’s how they work kids: You have this 4-layer patch that you place on the designated body space, you get this baby towelette that they give you wet, hold it against the tattoo thingy and apply some pressure, and 12-24 hours later, your tattoo appears.

inkbox tattoo breakdown

'Woolgathering' tattoo on @tara_lilo ✖️Designed by the incredible @kristinevodon✖️#inkboxlove #inkboxtats

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I’ve got admit, this is a wonderful f.cking idea. I’m all in with this one. I’ve been that guy whose threatened to get sleeved up, but been too p.ssy to actually spend the money or the time or the pain to actually do it. I joke about getting neck tats, but ther eality is that I will NEVER do that sh.t in my life.

With this, I can. I can do both. And honestly, I can do it and see if I like the look and my brand with all of that going on.

Oh, and the company is from Toronto… and you know how I feel about Canadia. This is a win-win for me.

This is a great idea, and I hope these kids have some patent action going on because they might mess around and become stupid millionaires with this one.

The only thing that I am not seeing and the reason I haven’t jumped all the way out the window and thrown in some money is that I don’t see many pictures of brown and darker brown skinned people on the IG. There is a shorty who is brown, but she’s much lighter than I am, I wonder how it would turn out on my beautiful brown skinned self.

When you look through to where the idea came from and the indigenous Panamanian tribes there is a little bit of color there but not all the way that I need to see. I’m widdit though. Great cause to contribute to as well.

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Who is this..

The stunning @carebeaudry reppin' inkbox finger tats 👊🏼💯

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The good team from inkbox replied on the twitter machine and sent me a couple of ig pics of darker skin.. I’m in guys, I’m alllll the way in!

'Uptt' – Featuring the super cool @eenahsanairb 😎 | #inkboxlove #inkboxtats | Find it only on 🐙

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