This overconsumption video is….. interesting.

“Overconsumption means a consumption level located above the normal requirements or average consumption. Image from the movie Samsara Samsara is a Tibetan word that means wheel of life, a concept both intimate and vast, which defines the soul of everyone.” – Loosely translated from

* For me, this video is interesting. I’ve been seeing it a lot of the facebook recently and it was even on the Business Insider webpage title, “This 6 Minute Video Might Turn You Into A Vegetarian.” and everyone is making similar comments about how hard we are on the animals we eat and that is giving them reason to stop eating meat and becoming a vegetarian or a vegan.

For me, I am seeing the video differently. I see it for what it is in the description (its french so maybe people didnt think it through) but I see it in the over consumption thing and how that is the biggest problem that we have.

For me, I know that in the grand scheme of things we dont treat animals as well as we should. We should do better. But I think its gotten to the point that us as a nation and us as a global society, eat too fucking much. But its not only that we eat too much, its that we do too much, we want to much, we buy too much, we hoard too much, we do everything too much.

Its killing us softly. Its killing me softly. I would say that the way the video unfolds tells a story, showing the cyclical nature of the whole thing. The pig gets gutted a couple of minutes in and at the end of the video a fat person is getting gutted too.

This is beautifully shot and its by a Frenchie. Thats what is the best part about it for me… or worst. For the last few years or so, as AMericans we just keep getting hit over the head about how bad we are as a country. I expect this from someone in AMerica, but not from another country. Its now a global problem.

Is it a sustainability problem or does it just magnify how in a lot of ways, we as humans will find a way to maintain. At least in our lifetime.

The bigger question is do we want to continue living this way, or more importantly, or do I want to continue this way.

I don’t think I do.