This “Giving” video is worth 3 minutes of your time.

All I’m saying is by about the 2 minute mark of this 3 minute video, it got a little bit dusty in the penthouse.

True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) is a communication conglomerate in Thailand. True controls Thailand’s largest cable TV provider True Visions, its largest ISP True Internet and its third-largest mobile operator True Move.

I guess this is a commercial for their services. It works like a short film. Its incredible. I won’t write a ton about it because it ruins the video, but the reality is that this is just one of those videos that reminds us about how great it is, and can be, to give.

I actually have a philosophy on life and it goes something like this. I’m not necessarily a church and organized religion guy, but more of just a spiritual guy and a guy that thinks our job in life, the ONLY reason that we are here on earth, is to make life better and easier for our fellow human being. Thats it. Thats the goal. Regardless of if there is a heaven or a hell and regardless of anything we ever do, I think our job is to just be a good person.

Life, sometimes, really gives us an opportunity to be good. It feels good when you are able to be good. Even if no one ever knows it. This is obviously a commercial and meant to spark some emotion, and it does that. Be good. You never know who you might affect and being good gives others the opportunity to be good too. Pay it forward. Thats what it all about.