This Chrissy Teigen (and her parents) Cookbook Looks Awesome

CHRISSY TEIGEN has a cookbook coming out and I’m pretty fired up about it.

I’m genuinely fired up about anything that Chirssy Teigen does and we’ve seen a ton of content on her social media, her food blog and various appearances on television and internet shows cooking up heat, so this is something that seemed like a no-brainer and I’m glad she is taking a leap in to the cookbook lane.

Over the last few weeks, she’s been big upping a cookbook that she is about to drop.

The book, which does not have a title yet, is dropping with the Penguin Random House imprint Clarkson Potter. Francis Lam (@Francis_Lam) an editor at Clarkson Potter, judge on Top Chef Masters, and columnist at the NYT Magazine will be editing the book.

We know Chris can cook, so this should be fun.

King's Hawaiian fish sandwich with dad's tartar sauce and crispy baked zucchini fries!

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From the publisher:

Fans of Chrissy Teigen’s food blog, So Delushious, ‎and Instagram and Twitter feeds know that one of her greatest pleasures in life is to cook with and for her friends and family, including her husband John Legend. She loves sharing her passion for food with her millions of fans online, offering recipe triumphs and side-splitting commentary on her culinary exploits in the kitchen. In this spirit, Chrissy’s first cookbook will be just as fun and entertaining as she is, highlighting approximately 100 original recipes with color photos and peppered with hilarious anecdotes and photos from Chrissy’s Instagram and Twitter profiles to inspire her fans to get into the kitchen and start cooking.

Here are couple of highlights so far that we’ve seen on the gram.

I don’t necessarily know if the book is by Chrissy (and her parents) but I’m taking some liberties here.

Maybe CT will respond on twitter and clear things up for me.

One thing we know about chefs, cooks, or models turned home chefs is that most of our inspiration comes from recipes that we grew up on and have found a way to make them our own…. the one thing that you will notice about Chrissy’s cooking is that her mother, a chef and pretty good looking lady herself, has some real skill in the kitchen.

Clam linguine🙊😱👌👌👌

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Mom's papaya salad / green bean salad !

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Shouts out to Chrissy’s dad who looks like he can throw down himself.

His pockets are big because they're full of ~*~sEcretS~** #dadvest

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Can’t wait for this book and I’m looking forward to it. If you want to see what its going to look like in a real way, here is an episode from an internet show that I’d seen a couple of years ago on the RESERVED Channel.

Part I

Part II

Part III

The book isn’t ready for pre-order yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be throwing down for this one and looking to throw down in the kitchen with it.

Make sure you roll over to her food blog, for some great images and recipes.