There is an Explanation Why the Biggest Loser Contestants Put Back On the Pounds

The more successful you are at losing weight, the slower your metabolism will be and the more hungry you’ll be.Dr. Kevin Hall - Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health

Really interesting stuff here in this study.

And I think it makes a ton of sense. Check out the entire article here.

After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight – NY

Personally, I may fight back on it a little bit because having dealt with some weight issues in my later years here, I know for a fact, at least in my situation, it isn’t as easy as saying my metabolism has slowed after I lost weight and that is why I fell off the wagon again and put back on some pounds. And, I don’t want to be that guy who says its a mental thing but the reality is for the most part that it is. I was talking to my big homie the other day who has some of those same issues – he’s a former NFL guy who was up in the 4’s and lost a lot and yo-yo’d plenty of times in the past that you get ahead of yourself sometimes and that is why you slip back.

I’ve gotten back to my close fighting weight before, as has he, and we’ve also slipped and it’s funny because we joked that you start getting a little bit cocky in your new look and tend to go for that one dessert, or that second drink, or the ranch dressing on the salad that you know you shouldn’t because “your metabolism” is slower than it used to be. But then that one slip up becomes a week, and then that week you haven’t really been working out because you had a couple of cocktails and it’s harder to wake up the next day….it’s a mental thing and a lot of mental toughness to not give yourself the excuse.

Now, I am one to be talking because I am not the picture of health, but I can also side here because I have been a heavy dude for the last fifteen years and I have made the excuses and I have let myself slip sometimes.

There are real reasons why things happen, but there are also those exact same reasons that you need to just say fuck it and get right. I’ve posted many times before that there is no magic pill to this shit it’s just doing it.

Eating right and working your ass off every single day. That’s it. No more excuses on ours.