The WEEKND is the most Important Artist in Music … To me.

the weekndimage

“…Don’t apologize, I quite enjoy messy
I see that bottle after bottle got you goin’ crazy
And doin’ shows after shows got me so lazy
So ride it out for me, and take it off for me
It’s a good vibe, good vibe, good vibe
Don’t you ever threaten ni**as with a good time
She wanna buy a dream, I said I don’t sell it
But she can rent it for a night, I don’t mind, open wide
Cause all this fame, I earned it, I might as well use it
Private elevator goin’ straight to my unit
All my ni**as ’round me, gettin’ kickback pussy
All my killas ’round me, all be hiding in Stussy
Can’t nobody stop me, used to be homeless
Now that penthouse at the Ritz where my home is…

– The Weeknd

I can’t decide.

Is The Weeknd the new Nate Dogg. Is he Bobby Brown. Is he Keith Sweat. Is he Marvin Gaye. Is he Ginuwine. Is he R. Kelly or Aaron Hall.

Will he be around for a while or is he just the right voice and the right lyrics at the right time? I’m certain that this is just one of my moments, when I’m loving everything that he is doing, but to be all the way honest, he has put together a nice number of guest appearances and singles, that I would say are some of the best hybrid songs that I have heard in a really long time.

He writes and sings songs that I would write and sing if I could write and sing music.

I used to be team Chris Brown forever, he was my guy, and he still is… but there is just too much other stuff around him? He is an incredible songwriter, singer and performer, but I don’t know if he still wants it. And his songs have become a little too, one-trick-pony for me. It all sounds the same. But Abel, Abel is writing smashes and he is writing music that makes sense. Lyrically, lyrically he is a beast right now. That verse on the Ross song is one in a long string of lyrics that are perfect. The pictures that he paints are perfect. I want to be there. I want to be doing that.




Quite possibly one of the greatest hooks I have ever heard:*

Hey, I’mma visit the sky today
Hey, I’mma dance on the clouds today
And make it rain, on everybody beneath us
Just cause they try, doesn’t mean they can be us
No, nobody can be us

* I don’t know if it was in the “state of mind” that I was in the first time that I heard this song; I don’t know if its because I was in a certain place, doing a certain thing, with a certain person or people, but that lyric hit home in ways that you can never imagine. Like to the point that I wish I messed around on the ones and two and new how to break up digital tracks, because I would just have that chorus and Abel’s verse on a loop for like, 10 minutes.

I should look to see if there is an EP of this song with no Juicy vocals. Not that I don’t like them, I just don’t need them all the time.

I need some medical…



By the way, House of Ballons was and is one of the most important EPs that has come out in the last 20 years. It changed music, seriously. Think about that for a minute and tell me if you agree.

I don’t know if he can top that, ever. That might be his Whats Going On.* He can keep putting out music, like he is doing now, and it can be good, it can even be great, but he won’t be topping HOB’s and if he does, he will rocket to the top of the list for me and be among the greats. I hope he can. I feel that strongly about HOB.

* When I compare that to WGO, not in the same lane as far as social commentary, but just about the effect of one album on that person and what it meant for their career at the time.