THE VEG EFFECT™ is a documentary series about how we can change the world by answering one simple question: What are we going to eat today?

This isn’t some scare-you-into-a-rage-film about the food industry. Or about regretting yesterday. The Veg Effect™: When Less Meats More™ is a documentary series about how we can change the world by answering one simple question: What are we going to eat today? Directed by Alison Klayman (Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry) for MorningStar Farms®, the series follows 5 real stories, from real people with very different lives, each choosing to make a difference with their own personal way to veg.

First ting first, this is a very well done series. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned some stuff, and found some inspiration along the way.

All of them are good, but just given who I am, three of them really stood out to me.

The Hip Hop ish, I ate up.

His “typical rap lifestyle” stopped Dead Prez co-founder Stic in his tracks. But inspired by his wife, Afya, this hip hop revolutionary embraces plant-based living, leading hip hop into a healthier future.

Turns out, this movement, adding “HEALTH” as the 10th element of HH, is not just some b.s. throw away movement but an all out situation.


You can go to the 10th Element, Hip Hop is Green website and find all sorts of great resources and materials but also see what they are doing in the community. They have a speaker series and wellness event, but also a damn Hip Hop is Green tour that they are doing in a few cities across the United States, and, they even have a damn mixtape! Ready to Live Health & Wellness Mixtape!

The other is this butcher shop out of San Diego that has the “No Meat Monday” signage on the door.

Butchers have always interested me, even to the point where I thought about being a butcher for a quick minute. I still don’t think I could have pulled that one off, but I did give it some thought.


I’d gotten inspired by a butcher a few years back, and started eating a lot less meat because of The Meat Manifesto that I’d seen from Andy Fenner. I love it.

Andy Fenner’s “Meat Manifesto”

The Heart & Trotter Butchery, a whole animal butcher shop, sells chemical-free and hormone-free meat from locally pastured animals. They also sell cooked food, like sandos, burgers, tacos, wine and beer. They do a happy hour.

I might have to take the train down to Diego one of these days and check these guys out.

The more and more I get into this life, the more and more I know that going easy on the meats is better for you.

And, after this manifesto, I definitely think a lot more about what I am cooking and respecting the meats that I am using. It makes for better meals and its kind of a great feeling. Shouts out to that dude.

Last but certainly not least, the beer dude from Colorado. If I were to guess I’d say that dude is born and raised SoCal just by the vibe he gives off, but he is Colorado through and through.

How gangster was it when he was filling up that dump truck in the snow with a t-shirt on! I’m going to start slamming some of his beers because I want to support that guy.

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