The UTEC – Potable Water Generator in Lima, Peru aka the “Water producing Billboard”

The first billboard that produces potable water from the air. Done by the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru working with Mayo Draftfcb, Lima, the university created a billboard that captured water moisture in the air and turned it into clean drinking water. Wait, wahaaaa! How f*ing awesome is that!

As the video above explains, Lima is the second-largest city in the world that is set on a desert and despite the fact that atmospheric humidity levels are often as high as 98%, the annual rainfall is ridiculously low. So, there needed to be some sort of solution. They got together and rigged up the billboard, which is high in the air, to capture the water from the humidity, run it through some stuff, and turn it into drinking water that flows through spouts at the base of the billboard.

How friggin awesome is this!

Really really smart people coming up with great solutions to solve a problem. Man, I wish I was this smart…..