The Under Armour Chef Curry 2

Serving game since '88. The #CurryTwo 'Chef' is out now. Click the link in the bio to get cooking.

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If you follow social media, the slander on the Chef Curry 2’s has been very, very, real the last few days.

In looking at the kicks, I must say that its a little overblown. Lowkey, they jawns are functionally kind of right. I don’t know if they would look dope with a pair of jeans or anything like that, but as far as athletically and trainers, they look right on time.

The funny thing about the shoe game these days, is that realistically, 90% of the new shoes that come out are wack af. And I’m talking about from ALL of the brands. Nike has the Jordan thing on lock obviously. Adidas and Puma and that next tier has some strong classic bodies but I don’t know if I am sold on the majority of the new sneakers anyone puts out. But, I’m also an old head and like what I like.

All that being said, these aren’t terrible by any stretch. They are just, different. TBH, I think that the initial art and photos are what doomed this. Plus, its just a twitter and social media thing. Once, someone starts roasting, its all downhill – and everyone with an account wants to get a joke off. I get it.

The more I look at these, the more I borderline might want a pair…