The Nature Of Motion: Endless Explorations of Movement – NIKElab

The process is the design. It’s not actually the object itself.

For Milan Design Week 2016, ten progressive contemporary designers join Nike to explore movement through various mediums, inspired by the on-going pursuit of natural motion and marking but a moment in the conversation, in the endless exploration and endless learning of the non-perfect, non-linear creative process. Our collaborators push us, and us, them, in hopes of creating a springboard for the future and the generations that will continue the conversation. There is no finish line. – NIKElab

Just another great video coming out of Nike and Nike Lab. I think for a really long time we’ve just assumed that there are a lot of people behind the scenes knocking out shoe designs and continuously trying to improve upon what is already there, but Nike does a phenomenal job of taking art and artists and designers that in many ways have absolutely nothing to do with performance athletics and using the inspiration from them and their art and design with Nike technology and finding ways to integrate pieces of that into fitness apparel.

Amazing study in process, how things are done, the ideation and iteration process. I could watch these tings all day.