“The Nature Of Motion: A Free Revolution”

As part of Nike’s exhibition, The Nature of Motion, at Milano Design Week 2016, Nike footwear design teams accepted a challenge to explore the future of natural motion by creating artistic and at times abstract footwear pieces. At the same time, NikeLab elevates the latest Nike Free innovations with the release of an exclusive iteration of the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit to punctuate the power of sport in Milan. The two stories converge to give an inside look at how Nike’s design collective finds new solutions for athletes and how those designs come to life. – NIKELAB

I could sit back and watch a long form documentary that is an hour long about every sole and every form and every kick Nike makes.

Much like the space program and how so many things that NASA comes up with for astronauts we tend to find in and around our daily lives, a ton of stuff that Nike innovates and comes up with for a particular category of shoes, ends up finding its way into most if not all shoe and boot categories.

I love this stuff.