Naked 3D Fitness Tracker Naked is the world’s first home body scanner. See your body in 3D and capture measurements, body fat %, and weight.

* Would I throw down five hunnid on a mirror?

Yeah. Maybe not a couple of years ago, but now, definitely.


But, its not just a mirror. Its a mirror with an app that is a full size body scan and tracking system. Does it work? Who knows since its just in pre-order right now, but if it does, this is kind of a game changer.

Lets face it, most fitness apps suck ass. You need to have 5 of them to get all of the information that you need to feel good. I, for one, have a couple of spreadsheets even to track what I am doing. Apps are shxt. But if this mirror and this app are responsive and actually cover everything, that could be something special.


Introducing the world’s first home body scanner for fitness tracking. Naked is a full-length mirror embedded with sensors that capture your 3D body model. Using the Naked companion app, you can track your measurements, body fat %, and weight. Naked also highlights areas where you are gaining or losing muscle/fat and lets you create custom time-lapses of your body.


Head over to to get more information and sign up for pre-order