The Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Fest Looks Like Fun!

LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest 2014

The 5th edition of LA Vegan Beer Fest will be the biggest and best yet, featuring Southern California’s best vegan food and beers. With unlimited samples, you can taste beers from participating breweries with your ticket and receive your very own LAVBF glass. Last year 40 breweries and 30 food vendors took part in the fest… plus five bands!

Quarry Girl, Tony’s Darts Away and Nic Adler of The Roxy present the 5th Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival on May 17, 2014!

Quarry Girl is an LA staple who eats a lot, drinks a lot, and takes lots of pictures. She lives the vegan lifestyle right here in Los Angeles.

Check her out on the social networks : TWITTER : FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM

Tony’s Darts Away is a quaint, little, but extraordinary pub in Burbank, CA that is mostly sustainable. Its a bottle free, low waste bar/restaurant. All of the beer, wine and sodas are served on a draught system, minimizing the environmental impact. All of their beer, wine, soda, meats, and breads come from California. When available, all produce is sourced within California. Their vegan sausages are imported from Oregon and Washington and organics are used when available locally. The place is incredible actually. Check out their YELP reviews. Twitter : @tonysdartsaway

* I live about a three minute drive from this place. I should go here more often!

Nic Adler is owner of the Roxy and a self described, “Social.Vegan.Dad”. Check him out on the social networks as well : TWITTER : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK

Here is some footage from the event last year:

If you are interested in the event, go here for more information, and here to buy tickets:

Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival Tickets : Tickets range from $25 – $75 and there are non-drinking options.

* Now I just have to figure out how to get over my fear of being around a whole bunch of people in a big area.